Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting closer

I ended my second round of progestrone pills on Monday. I've noticed my mood being less than pleseant the last two days. I've also had some spotting, but it's been nothing by brownish in color. According to our NFP training brown in color still means a lack of progestrone. Although, with my body it's hard to know what anything means. I'm hoping this spotting will lead to an actualy menstration. This means I would be heading in the right direction. If I don't mensturate by Tuesday I will need to go in for more testing and an ultra sound.

I think the most frustrating thing right now is how much success the doctor has had with other women starting progestrone. She had told me a story of one girl who took it once and had on track cycles from then on. My body apparently is not going to work like that. It makes me nervous that there is another underlining problem that hasn't be caught. I guess as a woman it is just in my nature to worry about things. I really hope my body can figure this whole cycle thing out soon!

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