Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beginning NFP

I stopped birth control after my appointment with Dr. A. My husband and I signed up for an introductory course to Natural Family planning held at one of the Catholic churches in town. I should note, there are two types of natural family planning an older model called Sympto-thermal and the newer method which is the Creighton Model. The Creigton Model has been known to be the best for woman with POCS. These are the basics:

Natural Family Planning, Creighton Model can be used to avoid or achieve a pregnancy. You use a chart together with your husband to determine your days of fertility. The woman checks for mucus before and after urination and a bowel movement. I know this sounds gross and it was more than my husband could take for awhile, but sometimes the alternative isn't always the most classy, but it's worth a try. The woman looks for change, consistency, and color in the mucus. You look at the mucus on the toilet paper and then finger test it. The Creighton model has several different categories of mucus. There are certain types that are considered fertile while others are considered infertile. You check every time you go to the bathroom and at the end of the day chart the most fertile sign. With this model you do need to practice abstinence for periods of time throughout the month if you are choosing to not get pregnant.

The thing that made me want to use this method was how natural it was. It is not putting a band aid on my pcos. This method tracks every day and tells you whether you are fertile or not fertile. There are no pills that are shutting down my body's ovaries and making me bleed. It might take awhile, but in the end I believe it will be worth the time.

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