Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finding NFP

I was not raised Catholic, but my husband is catholic. Therefore I went through the Catholic marriage prep. At the marriage prep weekend they introduced us to Natural Family planning. This is a system in which you daily track your fertility by checking for mucus. When I heard this presentation I was very upset. Here these peopel were telling me how I am making a poor decision by taking birth control pills, but I had no other option. This is what every doctor had told me I was supposed to be on and this is what I have to do. Believe me, I'd love to be normal and be able to do this, but I can't it is impossible. I was almost in tears by the end of that presentation and I just wanted to leave.

I continued taking birth control and my sex drive plumetted. As you can guess, for a newly married couple this was devastating for my husband. He thought I was avoiding him. I never wanted to make him feel this way, but between the depression and lack of sex drive there was no hope for our sex life.

I finally confided in a friend of mine about my issues with PCOS. She brought up Natural Family planning (NFP). She told me that it is an amazing system that can be used for anyone and can actually help those women with odd cycles get back on track. She also told me about a Dr. who specialized in this method and that I should go to her.
I was skeptical about this, but I thought it was worth a try as I was not happy with myself as a person and wife.

In October of 2009 I went to Dr. A. and we talked about my battles with PCOS. She said there was absolutlely something we could do and it wasn't birth control. I honestly left that office in disbelief that there was an alternative to birth control, but at the same time super excited that there was something else that we could do.

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