Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gotta have Faith!

George Michael probably said it best when he sang, "You gotta have Faith." It's easy to say to someone, "Don't worry it will all work out, just have faith." But everyday that you fight the symptoms of PCOS it's harder to keep that faith.

As I mentioned before, I've only been "officially Catholic" for a little over a year now. Even thought it was hard at first hearing homily after homily about how birth control is horrible, I believe it is what led me to where I am today; birth control free!

I've always had a strong conviction in my faith. I know that God is guiding me through this. The hardest thing for me is to be patient for what God has in store for me. When people start thinking about getting pregnant they don't envision it to be an uphill battle. There are the lucky few that get pregnant just thinking about it, but I think more times than not are the people that find it to be not as easy as they made it sound in health class. I kind of chuckle at the book title, "Every Drunken Cheerleader; Why Not Me?" Although that title is humorous, I would be lying if I wasn't thinking that quite often. This especially rings true working in a low income school where some parents can't stay sober long enough to remember they have kids. I constantly wonder why they were blessed with kids, but here we are struggling.

It's so easy to question our faith when things aren't going as planned. We pray and pray, but it doesn't seem to matter. It's times like these that I think back to a video Rain by Rob Bell. "God is close to the broken hearted....I love you...we're gonna make it"

Keep your faith. Find some way to pray, or whatever you need to do to find faith. I saw an interesting segment on Dr. Oz the other day, "Can Faith Heal?" God isn't ignoring you, he just has other plans for you. I love you...we're gonna make it!

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