Saturday, April 9, 2011

We're on the right track

It has been a roller coaster of a month, but I'm working hard to count the blessings. I have ovulated again with a strong ovulation. We were trying for a baby this month, and like a fool, I convinced myself I was pregnant. After ovulation I had extremely tender breasts, cramping, tired, and just having that pregnant feeling. I started feeling hungry constantly and continued to convince myself with every symptom that it was pregnancy. I went to the doctor 7 days past ovulation to get a progesterone/estrogen level reading. I was amazed when I got it back. Normal is between 15-25 and I was at 30! That's crazy! I'm actually worried that it's too high. I've been working on getting ahold of my doctor about it, but I haven't heard back yet.

So on day 14 I hadn't see any sign of menstration, and woke up at 5am to take a pregnancy test, and got a negative reading. I thought that it was just too early, but later that day, what should appear but that lovely sign of menstration.

I was bummed, not going to lie, but I also know that just mentrating without taking all these prescription meds is a blessing. I honestly feel really well and my energy and moods are staying fairly stable, which is something I don't think ever happened with any prescription meds.

The progress is exciting and I'm hoping that in a couple weeks we'll be able to try again because I'll be getting more regular. I have never had this many periods in a month without birth control, so it's totally possible!! Get off of birth control! That is my plea to women. There are so many bad side effects and who knows the long term effects for sure. Drs. use it as a fix for every female problem instead of trying to find what really is wrong. Find a dr. that will listen to you and get off of birth control, track your ovulation and you will be happier and healthier!!

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