Friday, February 18, 2011

Feeling Positive

I definitely haven't found the cure yet, but I feel like I'm getting closer. Currently I am doing the following:

800 mg of Vitex every day
200 mg of B6
Prenatal vitamin
1000 mg of metformin
Accupuncture once a week

I started accupuncture about a month ago. I ovulated in January again and had the most normal cycle I've seen, which tells me that things are working. The chiropractor I see suggested accupuncture as well as progesterone cream. I used the progesterone cream after I ovulated and had one of the longest luteal cycles I have seen.

The chiroprator suggested that I used the cream 3 weeks and then off one week for menstruation. I really questioned this move as too high a level of progesterone can cause you not to ovulate because it tricks the body into believing you are pregnant. For some reason I talked myself into giving it a try, never ovulated, and decided to stop the cream all together for fear that things could get more screwed up.

After doing a little more research I really felt in my heart I should not take any progesterone early in my cycle. Estrogen is the primary hormone at the beginning of the cycle and having too much progesterone, I really believe, will screw things up. It's hard to know whether I would have ovulated this month or not, but I've definitely decided to save the progesterone until the end of my cycle. The cream is a lighter dose than the pill form, but I've been reading mixed reviews on the wild yam extract that is in the cream and how it reacts with human hormones. I am planning on going back on the progesterone in the pill form that I received from my dr. That was also a natural progesterone and I trust it a little more than I do the cream at this point.

I decided to start accupuncture as I have heard many people rave about their results from accupuncture for many different ailments. It's hard to know if it has helped or not, but I've decided it really can't hurt.

I really attribute my recent ovulations to vitex. It seems only since I started taking this that I have started ovulating, and my acne has been a lot better!

Like I said, I havne't found the cure, but I feel more positive that things are moving in the right direction.

I recently read an article about how copper can have an estrogenetic effect. I'm not sure if I have to worry about it, but I'd like to do some more research on it to find out if this could potentially be an issue as I eat a lot of nuts being on a low carb diet.

At least things are looking up....

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